Can’t read with no cooling

There is nothing more relaxing for me, than to be able to sit in a cool room and read a good book.  I don’t get that opportunity too often, because I am usually doing my reading for graduate school. I am either marking papers or writing my own papers so I can graduate.  Last week, I had one of those very rare weekends where I had two full days to nothing but enjoy the time off. It had been months since I had one day free and now I had two.  I wanted to find a book that had nothing to do with English or History and just sit and read till I fell asleep. I knew that if I was going to find any good book, I would have to go to the local book store, so that is where I headed.  I knew that the bookstore was known for their luxurious surroundings for those who enjoyed reading. There was a nook that had stuffed chairs and air conditioning that was conducive to relaxing. I picked out an outrageously sexy mystery and I sat in the most comfy chair I could find.  The air vent to the air conditioning was right over my shoulder and I sat to read my book. I found myself fantasizing about the people walking by and wondering if they too were going to come inside and relax in the air conditioning for a bit, but eventually I went back to my book. I eventually even took a little nap, because of how relaxed I was in the chair and the feel of the air conditioning.

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