Not happy about our heater use

My Grandma’s cousin used to come plus visit her at least once a week. I was certain that she didn’t enjoy him plus I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t just ask him to leave. Then out of the blue, she told me that he had saved her life plus she felt enjoy she owed it to him to not kick him out of her place.  The two of us were resting there a single day plus he began to talk about their childhood. I also have a feeling that Grandma had it pretty bad, but she had superb parents who kept them with heat through the winter, plus food for the bellies. His stories were weird plus he made us know weird. He started cracking up when he saw her cooling system plus he said they had a/c all winter.  I then looked at him and he decided to finish the story finally. He went on to say that they were so poor that you could see through the slats in the house. Whether you wanted you wanted it or not, the cold air would come in through the slats and you didn’t have to worry about a/c. He bragged about how they only had a few pieces of coal for the heater. He said that there were twelve kids all holding their hands over a handful of coal, trying to heat themselves from the heat.  He also said they all slept in a single bed so they could have the body heat to keep them all nice and toasty. My Grandma would roll her eyes. She said that it was mostly hogwash plus they may have been poor, but they had top level heating plus a solid house.