The terrible air quality

Working on a movie set is a entirely  interesting thing, then i am one of those people who task on movie sets. I do not task on major films though, but no, I am not some wealthy millionaire. I work on low budget documentaries, and when the films are low budget, so is everything similar. I had a work a few weeks ago where we were on this movie set, and it was like a sauna on set! They literally had little to no a/c in the entire set. Not to mention, the indoor air pollen levels of the set was totally awful. I was not sure how I was going to even get through this job, and couldn’t they weren’t even able to get one of those portable a/c, or even some kind of portable air purification system to improve the indoor air pollen levels? I simply did not understand, even though I had a job to focus on, and if I didn’t do it and walked off set, I would lose my job and not get paid. So, I had to put up with the bad undefined, the bad air quality and totally no air purification system to come and save the day! This whole movie shoot was thankfully only a week long. So for the entire week, I was forced to suffer with the bad air quality and no a/c, however. When I eventually I got home every day trust me, I cranked my own undefined so high, I was surprised I did not go broke on the utility bills for that week!

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