Able to run our heat equipment

When I was a kid, my mother moved my family from the northeast region of the country to the southeast region. I was honestly young, although I still remember moving. The worst section of the transfer was giving away our pet, my mom gave the golden retriever away, and yes, he went to a great home, although I was broken hearted. I never really knew why my mom wanted to transfer so much, as well as it wasn’t until many years later that I found out his main motivation for the transfer was to escape the high heating bills he was paying up north. There were numerous kids in the family, as well as my father died unexpectedly. My mom was alone with a immense house that needed to use the 3 heating system for several months a year. The heating system in that house was a fuel oil heating system, as well as the gentlemen came as well as filled the tank constantly. It used to get honestly cold, so the furnace would run quite a lot; She simply did not have enough currency to pay those high heating costs, especially with such a immense house. So, the two of us moved south. The two of us moved so far south that I don’t remember ever using the furnace ever again, but however, the immense expense became air conditioning, back then, I don’t assume the two of us used as much air conditioning as I use now, however the two of us did use at least some air conditioning, then even still, I assume it was cheaper than a fuel oil heating system. I’m sure if my Mom wouldn’t have died, the two of us would not have been forced to transfer just for reduced heating costs. In life, you do what you have to do, though.