Gave up HVAC for lent

Have you ever heard of Lent? In a few weird christian religions, there is a season of the year called Lent. Many people, even those who would not call themselves religious, celebrate Lent as a time to experience spirituality more fully. Some people supply something up as a sacrifice. I have done that in the past, however this year, my neighbor is giving up something I don’t assume I could ever live without – air conditioning as well as heating! This time of year, the two of us occasionally need the furnace for a few minutes at night, because it gets chilly late in the night. During the daytime, it gets honestly hot, as well as the two of us need the air conditioning. I try not to use the furnace if I don’t have to, although I constantly use the air conditioning! I set the temperature control to cool when I get lake house from work, as well as I turn the temperature control temperature setting down to 78 degrees. If I did not have air conditioning after work, I assume I would just recognize agitated. My friend, though, says that there are millions of people in the world who do not have access to modern heating as well as cooling prefer the two of us do, as well as in a spirit of camaraderie with the poor, he is not using the hear or the air conditioning for the whole season of Lent. I admire his efforts so much, although I just don’t assume I would be able to do it. One year, I gave up all prepared food. I went to no restaurants as well as bought no food from the deli at the grocery store. That was a challenge that I was able to do, however living without HVAC is not something I could do.

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