Reducing that summer heat

Our kid in law has decided to make a change that will affect his future.  He has signed up to join the Air Force and will be travelling down South for his training.  This will be a bit difficult for our child with the relocation however I know that it may be more so on him, the school shouldn’t be a big problem however I know that the culture and weather conditions change may be.  He is from the North and has never absolutely be exposed to ways different from his own, and he is from a small town and his kinfolk has mostly kept to themselves. Even some social situations can be pressure-filled for him.  The southern space of the country can have a severe view of, “Yankees”, and I am hopeful that he doesn’t have a big problem with that. The other area that may be a big problem is the extreme change of temperature. The people I was with and I are still in the 30’s and 40’s while his new city is in the 77’s already.  He heat and humidity can be downright smothering now despite the fact that he will be there long into the Summer when it can be quite suffocating. Then, when he is done, he will be back here where every one of us should be in the misery of Summer too. He will absolutely want to have the a/c going when he is away and when he is back in his hometown. The people I was with and I are absolutely proud of his decision to serve his country and know that it is a great transfer for their future.  The people I was with and I are a little concerned that they will not be stationed too far away once he is done with his training. Our child has no interest in residing somewhere however here however will just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

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