Happy to service the HVAC

For the most space I absolutely love my work. It allows me the freedom to set my own schedule and I have the ability to see several stadiums throughout the country. There are times, however, when I really dream that I could take particular times of the year off; As a crossroad tucker I am always driving my way from one coast to the next or from the North to the South, but for a large portion of the year this is not usually a concern but, when it comes to extreme uneven temperatures of July and December, time it can absolutely be an issue. ┬áThe truck that I own is popular because it is a weather conditions-controlled rig that can carry anything that could be ruined or spoiled by heat and cold, but one of the concerns that I have is maintaining the Heating & Air Conditioning plan inside of the box and ensuring that it is actually working at all times. If my rig were to break down I would need to make sure that the generator will kick in to maintain the same temperature! People often wonder why it is so lavish to ship things like dairy products from one area of the country to the next, however it is because it cost a lot to maintain the trucks that carry our food This added cost is always passed on to the consumer. I know that my worst thing that could happen would be being stuck on the highway in a blizzard or the extreme heat of August without my heating and cooling truck actually working officially. I have a policy to cover the price of the freight however it doesn’t help my reputation if I cannot deliver quality products as I said I would. The weather conditions control box on my truck has a different Heating & Air Conditioning plan from the truck itself and I always make sure to have the heating and cooling devices inspected regularly.

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