the indoor air can help

Last Winter time was especially cold & snowy. Both of us often accumulated several feet of snow in a single night. The temperature frequently dipped below zero & rarely climbed above freezing. There were repeated school closings & driving bans due to the weather. My furnace ran continuously at maximum capacity & struggled to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. With the dry Winter time air & the non stop operation of the furnace, the condo lacked satisfactory humidity. Since overly dry air feels colder, this forced higher control unit settings & led to more fancy heating bills. Plus, low humidity levels aggravate symptoms of flu symptoms & make people more susceptible to respiratory infection & illness. I ended up coming down with the flu. I suffered headaches, congestion, sore throat, fever, chills & vomiting. I simply couldn’t get hot enough. Despite bundling up in various layers of jackets & huddling under blankets, I still needed to turn up the furnace. I spent most of my afternoons napping, drank tons of  water & took my prescription, however couldn’t seem to get rid of my symptoms. My mother finally mentioned that overly dry air can prolong recovery time & commanded I install a whole-home humidifier. I called a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business for a recommendation, & he agreed with my mother. He commanded a fan-powered humidifier to best suit the size of my home. The day after the humidifier was up & running, I started to recognize better. I was no longer shivering, coughing or finding it strenuous to breathe deeply. Plus, my condo now feels so much warmer & more comfortable overall. I’ve been able to reduce the control unit setting & significantly trim my energy expenses.

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