Do I want to buy a heat pump?

My fiance as well as I are planning a major renovation project, which will include the replacement of the furnace, Both of us are considering the upgrade of an electric heat pump. Both of us aren’t quite sure if this is a smart decision or not. Although an electric heat pump is a expensive type of system, the are much more efficient than a traditional gas oil furnace. Plus, the 1 component provides both heating as well as cooling capacity. A heat pump works by drawing heat from the air outside as well as transferring it inside to heat the home. Even when the weather is fairly cool, there is sufficient ambient heat to allow an efficient exchange. Because heat pumps move heat, rather than burning fossil fuels to generate heat, they’re safer as well as more energy efficient than oil furnaces. There are no warm surfaces, fumes or hazardous byproducts, such as carbon monoxide as well as formaldehyde. Plus, by eliminating on-site combustion, the heat pump is better for the environment. However, heat pumps include a backup heating method that starts up when the outside temperature drops beyond the ability of effective heat transfer. The backup method is not as efficient. Since our local weather is fairly unpredictable, there’s a opening the backup method will be running frequently. If this is that case, we’ll lose the efficiency as well as savings that make the heat pump a word during vestment. One of our main reasons for wanting a heat pump is for the addition of air conditioning. We’ve never had whole-apartment cooling as well as we’re tired of getting by with portable cooling units as well as box fans.  However, running the heat pump throughout the summer time as well as cooling the whole apartment will definitely increase our electric bill. In the section where the people I was with and I live, central cooling isn’t absolutely necessary but would be a entirely good luxury.