Electric blankets

Since moving out of my parent’s home, I have learned what it means to be an adult.  There are a lot of added responsibilities as an adult. I have to be the one doing maintenance around the house, I have to handle the bills, and if I don’t go grocery shopping, there won’t be any food to eat. When I initially moved out, I was so excited, but the excitement faded a bit once reality set in.  I sometimes miss the days when my parents took care of everything. My mom still comes by to baby me from time to time. For example, my central heater has been acting up lately. My landlord has been taking forever to come by and fix it. Some days, it heats my apartment well and keeps me warm. Other days, I set it to the highest setting and it still feels cold.  My mom feels so bad for me, so she offered to have me come stay at home until the problem is solved. However, my apartment is so close to work, so I don’t want to inconvenience myself for the morning commute. In response to this, she decided to buy me an electric blanket. This blanket has been my saving grace! On the nights that my electric heater doesn’t want to work, I use the blanket to keep myself nice and toasty.  The amount of heat that can come from this blanket blows my mind. Honestly, everyone should invest in one of these. I imagine it would help people cut down on utility costs, in addition to the comfort it offers!