They are having issues with the HVAC

Most of our friends plus I attended technical school together. I attended technical school to acquire our certification in heating, ventilation, plus a/c repair. A bunch of our friends attended technical school, so they could learn about computers, programming, plus graphic arts. I also have a neighbor that attended technical school to acquire their certification in welding. That guy’s name is John, plus he works all the way near the Arctic Circle on an oil rig. He makes a deranged amount of cash. I’ve never been legitimately computer savvy, plus I can barely use our tablet. Most of our tech friends provide myself and others a difficult time, because I don’t suppose the difference between hardware plus software. The guys are great, however computer comprehension isn’t everything. Last weekend, Josh called to cancel our hockey game plus beg for help, josh was having trouble with the gas furnace, plus he couldn’t figure out how to service the problem. Even though Josh can find the bug in a computer program, he can’t service the gas furnace. I laughed a little under our breath, even though I easily agreed to help our neighbor in need. I investigated the gas furnace, plus the problem was an easy repair. Josh plus I made it to the hardware store, before they closed. By the time I repaired the gas furnace, all of us still had time to catch the last of the hockey game. Every one of us made it just in time to see our number one local team lose many to a single. Every one of us should have just stayed home plus drank beers. At least all of us could have avoided all of the game traffic.

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