The HVAC is all melted

Last year, I started my junior year of school. I was gleeful to beginning the year, because I did not have to live in the dorms anymore. Two of my friends as well as I rented an apartment on campus. The locale was worn down as well as dilapidated, which kept it in our budget. My friends as well as I had to pay first month, last month, as well as security deposit, because the two of us were school students. Both of us lived in the apartment for a few months, before things got easily bad, however at first, it was tough to talk to the building owner. Both of us called as well as left numerous messages, when the two of us had an issue with the plumbing. It took 5 days for the building owner to repair the problem, as well as the two of us had to share a lavatory in the meantime. A month after that, the two of us started having complications with the HVAC unit. My roommates as well as I could smell melting plastic near the HVAC closet. Both of us did not want to open the closet, so the two of us contacted our building owner as well as described the HVAC problem. The building owner did not opening up on the first, minute, or even second attempt. Both of us did not get the building owner, until the two of us drove to the property management office as well as made a complaint. At that time, the building owner promised to repair the HVAC complication the next day. My friends as well as I waited a full week, as well as the HVAC complication grew worse while the two of us were in that time. Both of us did not see the building owner at all, until the two of us had to call the fire department because our HVAC equipment was melting. The fire department arrived before the building owner, as well as they confirmed that our HVAC equipment was the problem. The building owner was issued a summons.

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