Romance of the fireplace

I did not go anywhere overnight with my fiance, until I knew that our relationship was serious. After all, I did not want to put myself in a precarious situation. I wanted to abstain from relationships until I was in a committed relationship, as well as my boyfriend understood this as well. When he asked to idea a beautiful weekend getaway, I did not say no. Both of us were dating for 8 months, as well as I was ready to spend the weekend with my favorite guy, however he rented a nice Cottage overlooking the rural parts of our city. The lodge was on the side of a mountain, as well as the two of us had a good view of the entire Valley. I bet the two of us could see multiple or multiple miles from that perch. The lodge was equipped with a sizzling tub, whirlpool bath, as well as a beautiful gas fireplace. I easily enjoyed the gas fireplace, because it meant not having to worry about wood. The gas fireplace was just as pretty as a natural stone fireplace. Both of us found the temperature control equipment on the mantle above the fireplace. Both of us could adjust the amount of heat coming from the gas fireplace. The gas fireplace also had a beautiful selection of fluorescent lights. I thought it would be cheesy, but it absolutely looked easily nice as well as romantic. While my boyfriend as well as I were sitting next to the fireplace one night, he got down on one knee as well as suggested that the two of us get married. I thought he was joking, until I saw the elegant diamond ring. I instantly said yup, as well as the two of us are stressed to get married in a few months.

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