It melts the plastic

My husband plus I have three sons. They are all in elementary school, plus they are only a few years apart. My husband plus I did not program on having three sons in five years, however that’s exactly what happened… In the beginning, it was really tough with three toddlers running around the house. Every one of us had to use the spare entryway as a playroom. Every one of us bought a plastic toy box for the room. The kids kept all of their toys in the Box. They had a wide assortment of Matchbox cars, Legos, plus building blocks. The toy box kept all of these items off the floor. Every Christmas, my parents went overboard with presents. The kids had more toys than a daycare center. One time during the winter, my husband plus I found the toy box melted, however somehow, the toy box ended up right in front of the heating vent. The heating vent blocked the air flow, plus the intense heat was directly on the toy box. The heating vent was so sizzling that the plastic on the toy box melted. My husband plus I were flabbergasted plus surprised, plus every one of us were all so worried about the safety of our children. The toy box should not have melted from the heating vent. My husband plus I contacted the manufacturer for the toy box plus told them about the heating vent problem. They apologized, plus gave to send my mom a current toy box. Later that year, my husband found out that particular  brand of toy box was under a manufacturer recall.