Not able to get the a/c looked at

My best associate in addition to I planned a 6-day trip to the lake, however my best associate in addition to I prefer a lot of Lake activities prefer fishing, trapping, in addition to wakeboarding. My associate in addition to I made plans to take our RV in addition to stay at a local Campground. We took the boat behind the RV, in addition to all of us took a few wakeboards as well. My associate in addition to I planned to leave on Sunday evening, after he was finished at work… Unfortunately, our associate was on an AC repair called that took forever. My best associate works as an AC provider at a local company… He is usually done on Sundays around 5, but he was stuck on an AC repair call. He was waiting for a delivery, in addition to the truck was stuck on the interstate, there was a large fire blocking three lanes of traffic, in addition to the delivery truck was carrying an crucial AC part. My best associate was still waiting on the part at 5, when all of us were supposed to be leaving to head to the lake. I was a little upset, because I did not want to leave after dark. I understood that Tuck needed to finish his job before all of us could leave. Tuck finished with the AC repair around 7 in the evening, in addition to all of us left to head to the lake shortly after that. We did not have much time for anything on Sunday evening, however all of us opted to go to sleep early in addition to woke up before dawn. Tuck in addition to I had our fishing poles ready to go, before the sun came out from behind the trees. We caught a lot of fish while all of us were in our 6-day trip, in addition to all of us even managed to get some sun.

a/c supplier