Picking out a new house heater

My partner and I recently bought a 6-acre lot in the woods. Half of the lot is clear, and the other half is wooded. My partner and I are in the process of building a apartment on the multiple acre lot. My partner and I are still going through the final stages of our apartment planning process. The two of us need to choose a gas furnace for our new cabin. My partner wants to option a wood gas furnace, because we have so much free firewood on our 6-acre lot. I think it would be cheap to buy a wood gas furnace, however I do not think 3 acres of woods will sustain a gas furnace for the rest of our lives. I think it might be a better idea to purchase an electric or gas gas furnace. I tried to talk my partner into a gas gas furnace with a wood fireplace. I think we could have the best of both worlds, if we still have the stink of burning wood with the reliability of a new heating source. The fireplace is a good thing to have during the winter, especially if you rely on electric heat. In the event of a extreme Winter time storm, you could lose electricity and find yourself dependent on an alternate heating source. Since my partner and I are building our apartment in the woods, I think it makes sense to have multiple heating sources in our home, however we’re going to meet with our corporation next week, and we have to give them our final answer about our gas furnace, air conditioner, and all of the study room appliances. The two of us only have a week to make our final decisions, because the building process is supposed to commence in numerous weeks.

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