The portable cooling unit is great

My hubby and I are in the process of relocating my mom to our area. There are several reasons for the move but the most pressing, is the fact that he needs to be closer to family! At this point he is in really enjoyable health and we want to make sure he is settled close by in the event that something changes. At 76 he still has more energy than most 20 years aged and he amazes us at the things he does; Both of us found the perfect home about 10 hours away and hope to have everything in place by the time he arrives… One of the issues that we have run into is the fact that the home building has openings already in place for portable air conditioner units and we need to find a single that fits, but many of the units that are sold today are much more compact but more powerful than a singles from the past. The sizable bulky units are no longer necessary and the space that is already in the wall is too large to accommodate most of the newer models. The home complex was built over 50 years ago and back then, portable air conditioner units were not so portable. They were heavy and bulky and being spaced that was designed to hold them is just not sufficient. Both of us asked management if we could resize the space and they said they would have to check with their service department. The new, lighter, and more powerful air conditioner units are grades because they are easier to take in and out, but the framework holding them has to be be certain size for the unit you are using. If it were going into window it would be easier because there are expansions to be sited on the side but this home has a hole that was sited in the wall to accommodate them.

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