No a/c to repair

It’s pretty crazy when you realize just how helpless you can end up when somebody you rely on is not available in your time of need! A few days ago our wife and I had the longest and most annoyed month in a honestly long time. We had been residing in a small a single room lake house that was pretty ancient and run down, when out of nowhere the a/c device stopped working. I job from home, so not having any cool air while in these summertime days is nothing less than annoyed. I tried to stay calm but, because the lake house building is supposed to have an on service Heating and A/C repairman that is on call while in the month for things just like this. The only thing was that the two of us had never had to get in contact with this guy before, because the two of us hadn’t had any big troubles with our a/c device to that point. When I called the number to this supposed on duty Heating and A/C repairman, all I got was a voice text saying that he would be out of the office for the next two weeks for vacation, then at this moment I realized how terrible the predicament I was in. If I was to call another Heating and A/C company it wouldn’t be free and I would have to pay out of our own pocket, but if I was to wait for the apartments Heating and A/C repairman to return from vacation, I will have most likely have had a heatstroke by then. I decided to bite the bullet and schedule and appointment with another Heating and AC business, and try to see if I can convince lake house building to cover the costs. With terrible things like this happening, I know our partner and I need to head anywhere cooler, or anywhere with better client service.

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