HVAC making a loud sound

Do you ever have those moments in life where you just think like a total idiot? Unfortunately for our wife and I, that is exactly how the two of us think currently. For the past month or so, the two of us were a single hundred percent convinced that our lake house was full of paranormal activity. We even went as far to hire a psychic online to come over to our place and bless the lake house and deliver us some tips on how to stay safe. Unfortunately for us, even after the two of us paid the sketchy psychic the odd noises continued while in the night hours. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when the two of us had our annual age Mark heating device check up with our common repairman that the two of us know about the source of the ghost sounds. as the Heating and A/C repairman continued ┬áto job on the unit, he began to notice that there was a big amount of broken off pieces lingering down in the bottom of the heating unit. He told us that this was honestly dangerous comma in can lead to some annoying things such as loud noises. after he said that the light bulb went off in our head. I asked him if the heating device could make noises that sounded odd and even creepy with a problem like ours had, auntie said it’s definitely could. My partner and I just looked at each other and realised how naive the two of us definitely had been. It was nice to know that the two of us weren’t dealing with a haunted lake house in the first place, but it sure made us think stupid to know it was The Dying heating device this whole time!

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