Need a repair on the a/c


Promises, promises, promises, made to be made and broken. Politicians make them by the dozen at election time, and pretty much everyone is surprised when they somehow to keep one or two of them. Promises are made all over the stadium – in company plus industry, in our day ro day family relationships, and  with my close friends and neighbors, The marriage promise should definitely be the most sacred promise of all, but we know how well that certain promise is kept with the consistent rise in divorce rates!

            A couple of days ago I heard in an Heating plus A/C commercial on TV, where somebody was promising to supply a totally free air handler. I have an Heating plus A/C component but, honestly, I was so excited by the word “free” , that I heard literally nothing else. I couldn’t even hear what they were asking in exchange for this air handler promise. I think it could have something to do with employing that Heating and A/C company to tune your air conditioner a number of times, or maybe purchasing a new Heating and A/C appliance from them! Whatever that’s about, I jumped straight online to check out what an air handler does, plus whether I could try to cash in on this alleged promise.

            Shortly, an air handler component is as part of an Heating plus A/C system, used to circulate air. It has a blower, filter racks and dampers. Where there is ductwork, the air handlers are all connected to its ventilation unit. If there is no ductwork around, then the air handler can supply and return air to the space, then a metal box houses its exchange coils plus some other stuff.

          Got that? Well Lucky you! I think that I will just watch that Heating plus A/C commercial  a few more times.