Too much on the a/c

Late last July, our spouse Ben plus I hosted a party at our condo for a whole bunch of family, friends and neighbors, but all of us spent a lot of time toiling on our lawns plus gardens, plus even rented a tent and some chairs. All of us hoped that people would remain mostly outside, but on the day of the party, the outside temperature climbed up to over one hundred degrees. There wasn’t a hint of a breeze, and the humidity was positively brutal, then in a weak attempt to supply a place for our guests to cool off, we lowered the temperature control setting a few degrees. After our guests arrived, I was getting pretty stressed stocking coolers, setting out food, plus picking up garbage, when I finally got a option to go inside, I noticed that the air conditioner was running at all times. I then realized that people were constantly moving between the inside plus outside, plus leaving our patio doors wide open. They were letting in a massive amount of bugs plus hot air. Not only was this putting a tremendous strain on the cooling system, despite the fact that I understood it was costing me a large amount of money in electricity. I then went on to raise the temperature control setting by several degrees plus taped a sign on the doors, reminding everyone to keep them closed up tight. When a I checked back an minute later, I once again found the doors resting open plus someone had lowered the temperature control setting back down. I should have shut the cooling proposal off all of the way, despite the fact that I didn’t want the apartment to end up hot, ben plus I were already going to have trouble getting rest at night because of all the flies plus mosquitoes that had gotten inside, however unfortunately, a few minutes later, the air conditioner suddenly died on me.

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