Burning wood and heating

Even though I have lived in the northeast our entire life as well as am no stranger to cold Winter seasons, I don’t ever remember the sort of subzero arctic wasteland that Winter seasons in these regions have now turned into.  I only remember one particular Winter season while I was a young child where the weather correctly dipped below 0 degrees fahrenheit. Last year both of us had hot as well as cold temperatures up to 20 degrees below zero several afternoons from late December to mid May.  I just could not fathom the degree of insanity these Winter seasons are bestowing on this area. Just getting out of your driveway each afternoon as well as more than a quarter mile down the road separate from hydroplaning into an embankment is a testament to the endurance as well as strength of the human spirit.  But, the worst thing about these intense Winter season seasons is the inevitable extravagance of trying to keep your apartment livable warm while enduring month after month of the subarctic onslaught. I had an electric oil furnace a few years ago that I hastily updated with a much more efficient gas burning oil furnace.  Then, I decided to buy a boiler setup as well as simply run our gas line to it as well as warm the water that way, further knocking back the cost of keeping our cabin warm. The solution that seemed the most appealing to me was the thought of burning wood. I regularly assumed that you needed an existing chimney stack if you want to use a wood stove in a private residence.  I had no proposal that several wood stoves have their own vent stacks that can attach to stove flue as well as then run to your rooftop, much appreciate a plumbing ventilation pipe or the opening to a clothes dryer exhaust vent. I could simply buy a wood stove as well as have it installed in the ceiling in our bedroom. And since I live on a wooded lot with plenty of dead trees, I won’t need to buy the wood to burn either.

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