I really need help

I’ve always been interested in homesteading and doing all kinds of things outdoors. When I was a kid, we used to make molasses and even moonshine. My grandpa used to love to do things like that. One of his favorite things to make was sauerkraut and some of my best memories are of chopping up cabbage with him and snapping green beans on the porch with my grandma. I want to have those same kinds of memories with my kids one day, and so I’ve recently decided to take up beekeeping. The kids and I have ordered all of the beekeeping supplies that we need from an online beekeeping materials supplier. There are all kinds of resources for beekeeping residential services and we’ve been doing a lot of research on the subject. My kids are really excited about the prospect of raising bees and collecting honey. My oldest daughter can’t wait to put a honey for sale sign out in our front yard. She has all kinds of plans for these bees and bee products. She wants to collect bee pollen and make lotion and soap and scrubs and all kinds of bee products. I think she might eventually come out with her own line of bee products! All of that is off in the distant future, though. Right now, I am just concerned with getting our bees here and all of our beekeeping materials. I can’t wait to make some good old fashioned memories here at our house with my kids and our bees. I hope our bees arrive soon!

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