That is a problem

At the grocer this morning, I found out that they were no longer going to stop local honey. They used to keep a small kiosk stand with three or four local Honeys, but they decided to stop carrying them. I was already stressed out about my trip to the grocery store, in addition to the fact that this news certainly didn’t help. They’re always about 50 or 60 people in the grocery store in addition to the fact that it is usually very crowded. Still, I have to make my way around and buy the multiple items on the grocery list. One of those things was honey. Most of my kids in addition to the two of us use honey just like we would jelly or butter. Every one of us put this honey on our lattes, biscuits, oatmeal, in addition to cereal. There are so many sources of used for honey. During this time of the year, the family suffers from seasonal allergies as well. The doctor told everyone of us that local honey could actually help with these pollen problems. Since the bees are using the pollen to make the honey, it would act just like an antidote and actually help suppress some of the allergy symptoms. It sounded like a lot of hullabaloo, but I was willing to give it a try. Every one of us couldn’t get the honey at the grocer, so we decided to take a drive over to the farmer’s market. The farmers market had three different local Honeys, including one that was sourced right in a farm near my neighborhood.