What an awesome time

Around 4 months ago, I started working at a government office building in the city. The office building is set up with many smart features. The building is also set up with an automation system. Almost everything within the building is automated, including the lights, Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, plus the security systems. The automated lighting method is set up with motion detectors. The lights only come on, when motion is shown in a room, but sadly, the lights won’t turn on if the motion detectors aren’t going that well. We had some complications last month, when all of us could not get the lights to switch on in the conference room. We were setting up for a meeting with other country investors, plus I was in charge of setting up the conference room. I expected the lighting to come on, the moment that I entered the room. But alas, the room was dark plus with no light. I tried moving around the room, hoping that the motion detectors would sense my body walking around. When the automated lights failed to work, I at that time contacted the building manager. The building manager is in charge of our automatic items, just like the lighting system, alarms, plus Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C sensors. We at all times have a certified building management method operator on the phone. It took almost 1 hour, but the building management operator at last fixed the automated lighting system. The motion sensor was just plain awful plus needed to be swapped out.