That was not what we intended

When I get the opportunity to not have to travel for a month or multiple I genuinely start to care about my home a bit more.  I travel for my job for much of the year so our apartment that I keep is rather bland and sparsely supplied. I have the basics when it comes to furniture plus try to at least have some canned soup in the cupboard for those times when I arrive beach condo plus I am too tired to go out to eat.  Hey, I am single so I figure this life isn’t so bad. I do, however, miss getting my place cleaned each day for myself and others while I am home. No one shows up to make the bed, throw out the trash, or restock the mini bar. Most of the sites I stay while away have a cleaning staff that is on hand each day to take care of day to day cleaning needs.  I never even have to wash clothes because fresh towels plus whatever clothing I put in the laundry hamper just make their way back the next day ready to go. Professional cleaners, whether a staff member or hired professional cleaners, deserve full recognition for what they do. Professionally cleaning is not a straightforward task by any means plus you should consistently remember to give them a decent tip just as you would a waiter or waitress.  If you go to work in an office that has a cleaning company that shows up on the middle of the evening to make sure your office is ready for the next day, you should try plus remember them too when at Christmas and other times. They task hard, plus yeah they are compensated to do the task, but could you imagine if you had to clean your office as well as do your actual job?

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