Cleaning our office space

When I get the occasion to be home for a week or more than one I particularly beginning to adore my homestead a bit more.  I travel for contractor for much of the year so our condo that I keep is kind of sparse. I have the basics when it comes to furniture and try to at least have a bit of canned tuna in the cabinet for those times when I arrive home and it is too late to go out to eat.  Hey, I am not married so I figure this life isn’t so bad. I do, however, miss having our place cleaned each afternoon when I am not at a hotel. No one shows up to make the bed, empty the trash, or mop the floor. Most of the sites I stay while away have a cleaning staff that is on hand each afternoon to professionally clean the rooms.  I never even have to do laundry because fresh towels and whatever pants and underwear I put in the laundry bag are clean. Professional cleaners, whether a staff member or hired service, need to get full recognition for what they do. It is not an easy job by any means and you should constantly remember to appreciate them with a tip them just as you would a server in a restaurant.  If you job in an office that has a cleaning service that shows up on the middle of the night to clean up your workspace so it is ready for the next afternoon, you should try and remember to offer them a small tip at the holidays and such. They job hard, and yeah they are paid to clean the office, but could you imagine if you had to do this instead?

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