Servicing the heater

I suffer with allergies and asthma and I have been putting up with the symptoms for years.  My mother and father have asthma, so I am thinking that I have inherited my health issues from them.  If you have ever had asthma or allergies, then you know that you would do just about anything in order to be able to breathe better.  All you can think of, is how to improve your air quality. I was perusing every article in the newspaper and every blog I could find on the internet.  I was looking at anything that could give me an idea on how to improve my air quality and my breathing. I didn’t think that anything was going to work until I saw an ad in our local newspaper.  A local HVAC company was holding a spring special and it seemed like they were aiming the ad at asthma and allergy sufferers. They were advertising an air purification system for the whole house.  The whole house air purification system was installed into the HVAC system. They offered a 25% discount on a newly installed air purification system over the next two weeks. I thought it was really smart the way the did their ad, which made me wonder if someone in the company didn’t already suffer with asthma and allergies.  I never gave a thought to whole home purification systems because I had heard they were expensive to purchase and install. I made the appointment with the HVAC company to come out and give me an estimate. I’m hoping it will do the job I hear it can, when it comes to improving my air quality.

HVAC service plan