We waited a few years for them

Building Automation Systems and Building Management Systems, are computer controlled systems that can be used in all buildings.  BMS and BAS are able to control all different types of operating system in buildings. BAS and BMS systems can also control the temperature, electrical system, HVAC systems and security systems.  Whey you are running a large building, BAS and BMS are necessary. There are many reasons why someone would choose to have automated logic integrated installed into their building system. The best part about building automation, is that it allow for a lack of human error.  If you have a BAS or BMS to take care of your HVAC, security, electrical and other systems, you really have no reason to worry about the common mistakes that a human may make. You set the the proper settings and the procedures and the BAS will take care of the rest. My favorite part of the integrated HVAC control with built in electrical power monitoring system, and how they work together.  There is so much time saved when you us a building automation system, but you need to be aware of the size of these buildings. It really does make a difference when it comes to a multi-story and multi-unit building. Since there are multiple type of software markets in the stores, you need to use the best judgment when deciding what BAS and BMS will work best for the building you are installing the program in.  I love working with Building Automation Systems and Building Management Systems. They are so interesting to work with and they make life so much easier.