The sunburnt child and the saving grace of an air conditioning system

It’s important to remember one thing when you’re a parent: Never put your kids through anything you wouldn’t go through.

If you plan to go to the park during the summer, for example, you probably shouldn’t let your child go without being sprayed down with bug repellant.

Just as well, if you go to the beach, you should put sunscreen on your child to keep them from getting burnt! Unfortunately for my wife and I, we covered every part of our daughter in sunscreen – except for her scalp. As an adult, you forget about little things like how badly it hurts to be sunburnt when you’re a child. Well, that night certainly reminded me of this, as I had to hear our poor daughter cry in pain for hours on end. The only thing that gave her relief was the sensation of the air conditioning system blasting cool air on her scalp, and in turn that helped her catch some sleep. Unfortunately for us, her room doesn’t get much airflow from the central air conditioning system. Even with a ceiling fan spinning in her room, the A/C can’t provide enough cold air to keep her from feeling pain. So, we gave in after hearing our girl cry for this long, and agreed to just let her sleep in our room for a few nights. Our room seems to get the best air conditioning of any room in the house, so we’re willing to let her sleep with us just so she can get some rest – and us too.

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