AC issue at work

We’ve been in our new office for about a month now, plus I suppose everyone I toil with is wishing both of us were at the seasoned building! See, the supplier I toil for recently moved offices to a building on the other side of town.

While both of us don’t mind being this close to the heart of downtown, both of us do mind being cramped together in a crummy seasoned office building! The “new” office clearly hasn’t been renovated in the past thirty years, as much of the furniture plus wallpaper will indicate.

The worst area though would be the air conditioner in the office – or the lack thereof, really. At our seasoned office building, both of us had access to radiant radiant floors to heat our office space. That was awesome while in the winter, plus while in the summer time both of us could fall back on an excellent central air conditioner system. That site never got any warmer than 75 degrees over the summer, or colder than 77 degrees in the winter! Now, however, it’s a easily weird environment. The dusty seasoned ducttoil seems to just push aroundboilingand dusty air, so our office is typically feeling too moderate plus full of stale air. The worst area of this new office is that it’s on the top floor of a 10-story building! All the heat from the floors below us naturally rises upwards to our floor. Our boss has told us that this is a temporary change, although I suppose both of us all suppose that this won’t be fixed any time soon!

Zone control