There’s a lot of pipes going through my home

For mother’s day this year, my two sisters and I have decided that we want to buy our mother a brand new air conditioner. It’s May, so that means that summer is right around the corner. My mother’s air conditioner broke down last summer right towards the end of the summer. We had wanted to buy her a new one right away, but she told us not to bother. She would rather spend the the money on getting her gas furnace repaired and get ready for the winter. So, for the Christmas holidays, we got her a gas furnace service plan from the HVAC company. Now that the winter is over and it’s really started to heat up, we thought it would be the perfect gift to get her a brand new air conditioner for mother’s day. We all pooled together our money and got in touch with a local HVAC company who agreed to work around our schedule so we could get the A/C installed the day before Mother’s day while my aunt took my mother out to lunch. The entire air conditioner installation took just two hours and by the time my mother came back home from her lunch, the home was nice and cool. She was a bit confused when she walked in to feel the nice fresh air, but when she saw the bouquet and card we left for her next to the A/C, she was so excited. She called me up right away to say thank you. She said it was the best mother’s day ever.