The biggest comic collection you’ve ever seen

The comic collection is upwards of one hundred thirty thousand issues and counting.

Not many comic collectors can afford such a stash, nor the space needed to house it.

Thankfully I was in the orbit of a local eccentric with a lot of money and not a lot of time. I used to run my own comic book shop, but it didn’t take long to go out of business, the market is brutal right now. This guy, Kevin, comes into the shop and just makes an offer to purchase my entire inventory. Then he asked me to bring it out to his climate controlled warehouse to add to his collection. The next day when I got there I was blown aware, so many comics, industrial sized HVAC equipment in the ceiling to keep the perfect cold, dry temperature. You may not know this, but climate control is vital to keeping your comics in perfect condition. Serious collectors are always super serious and temperature control and humidity levels, because moisture is a paper killer. Long story short, Kevin ended up hiring me on to manage the collection, and to check the moisture and temperature controls constantly. I set up the system with a smart thermostat connected to my phone, so I can get up to the second level readings even when I’m not at work. To be honest I stay here most nights anyway, I love being around so many comics, and the AC is way better than mine at home. If there was a shower here I might never go home again.

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