Temperature can help with the ear problem

The worst pain I have personally every experienced was an inner ear infection I had some years back.

It may not sound like much to you, and I admit it just doesn’t sound that bad, but it really did feel like a hive of stinging bees had crawled into my ear canal.

Women say that childbirth is painful, and I believe that to be correct but I have never experienced that, this ear infection is the benchmark for things that hurt. During that week long period while I was suffering from this, I ended up relying on my home air conditioner quite a bit more than I normally did. The AC was something I usually just left on for 6 or 7 months, then turned off for a while. During this time, however, I found that the heating and the cooling had a direct and immediate impact on my condition. I needed to sleep sitting upright, which was a bit of a bother, but I found when I was sitting right under the air vent I felt a little better. That cooling air coming down from above made me feel better — maybe just a touch better, but every little bit helps sometimes. I moved my big easy chair to sit right under the biggest air vent in the bedroom, and slept there all week long. Once I got better I immediately went back to sleeping in my bed, but I did reposition it so that the air vent would blow right on my face. I highly recommend this to help you sleep.


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