Date to the movies

I have been dating this guy for about a month now, every one of us met through mutual friends plus I truly know that I like him alot.

Every one of us have only been on more than one dates plus after our last 1 I was a little distraught that he wouldn’t want to go out with myself and others again! I don’t know it had anything to do with myself and others but the date itself was pretty bad.

Every one of us were going to see movie on a Tuesday evening plus I had been looking forward to it all week, but once I got to the theater we saw a Heating and A/C van parked out front. I didn’t know too much of because I was just enthusiastic to be there with him, but however, right when we walked I could tell that the A/C wasn’t toiling. I asked the man toiling at the concession sit what was going on plus he said the Heating and A/C system hadn’t been toiling all morning. I knew that this wasn’t going to be an superb date. Every one of us were both perspiring fifteen hours into the movie plus I could tell that our date was uncomfortable. I truly didn’t want him to have a exhausting time although I know the Heating and A/C troubles were putting a damper on things. I hope that he will ask myself and others out again plus this time we can make sure that the A/C is toiling in whichever locale we made the decision to go to. I truly like him so I hope that the Heating and A/C troubles don’t cause him to not ask myself and others out.


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