Pitching a tent

My brother is somewhat of a hippie. He appreciates to spend time out in nature plus absolutely appreciates to be around pets. He has a van that he travels around with his friends in plus is always riding around. He has never had a real job. I just can’t understand this kind of lifestyle plus both of us haven’t always gotten along because of it. However, Last month he reached out plus asked if I would want to join him on a camping trip next weekend with several of his friends. I decided that I would go plus try to maintenance my relationship with my brother. However, I will be bringing my own gear plus I won’t be sleeping in a tent. I have asked if I could sleep in his van plus bring my own portable a/c. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a clean plus cool place to sleep while camping. I absolutely believe that bringing my own a/c is going to help myself and others like the camping trip more so that I can absolutely spend time with my brother. I don’t want to be always aggravated that I am too tepid so I believe this is going to be a wonderful step for my brother plus I. I absolutely hope that I can maintenance our relationship plus I believe this a/c might absolutely help us bond plus not be at each other’s throats. I know it would make my mom blissful to see us getting along plus this is a wonderful first step.

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