Arguing over the heating system

I live in a 78 year old three story home. It’s about 900 square feet per level. We recently upgraded all of the windows as well as the insulation so that it exceeds the code everywhere. We are really interested in saving money on our utility bills over time. We are planning on having a new heating system installed in the basement. The problem is that my wife insists on using a propane boiler, while I want to use an electric heating system. We both agreed that natural gas and geothermal aren’t an option for our situation but we can’t come to a consensus on electric versus propane heating systems. We have gotten into several quite heated arguments so far this week and neither or us will give in. We are both equally stubborn people. My wife thinks that propane will end up being way cheaper. While I think that one day, we can offset the cost of the electric using solar panels. I’d just really love to have solar panels. My wife isn’t very enthusiastic about solar and thinks that the solar system will end up costing a small fortune. So, now we’re absolutely stuck. We are thinking about hiring an HVAC company to run the calculations for us, but I am worried they will be biased towards whatever system makes them more money. I asked my neighbors and they all use propane. Of course, I didn’t tell my wife that. Once she finds out that the neighbors all use propane, I’m sure she’ll use that as a good argument against electric heating. I have a feeling I’m not going to win this one. I wish solar panels were cheaper!

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