Dentist office needs custom made chairs

I am for sure that you will agree that there are some items in life that bother pretty much everyone.

Getting stuck in an automobile for hours at traffic, particularly potent perfume when you are stuck on a train, waiting in a dentist’s office for hours to be seen.

The list goes on and on. I would have to say that sitting in a waiting room is my biggest of pet peeves; When you make an appointment, weeks in advance, you should be able to go right in. I don’t want to wait for hours on end. I have stuff to do. Also, the waiting rooms are not even comfortable as well. Why don’t offices make their waiting room comfortable? I have a single dentist that I see yearly that I hate going to. I swear the dentist went to relaxing lengths to make her waiting area as uncomfortable as possible. I regularly end up sitting on her uncomfortable plastic covered chairs for hours on end. Actually, my dentist should hire a custom furniture arena to help her. The interior designer could make chairs that are really comfy to rest in. I would not mind waiting too much. If the chairs were cushioned plus molded to my frame, I would be more happy to sit in them, and since the look of the office is freezing plus feels cold, I want to get out of it instantly. My dentist should want people to feel at ease when waiting for her to be able to see them. I am sure a decorator could get some comfy furniture for the office.

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