Should I get a Gym membership?

To put it mildly, I have always been a penny-pincher, a tightwad, a spendthrift, a skinflint, whatever you call it in your neck of the woods. I am tight with my money, always looking for a good deal, and keen to save as much as I can. At first I did it because my family was poor and we had to, and the same for when I moved out on my own. These days I actually am doing pretty well, but I still hold onto my frugal ways. One thing I have never done is pay for something I can do for free, something like exercise. I know very well how important physical fitness is to a person, and always have maintained my health, but I never have paid to go to a gym. A gym membership always seemed to me that I was paying every month for something I have done for free on my own all my life. I have that recently I have changed my mind about the worthiness of paying for a gym membership. After going in for a free trial week at a local gym I became hooked on the workout equipment, the exercise bikes, and all of the free classes they offer. Combined with the pool and the sauna, I can see why people pay money to work out in such a nice facility. I don’t know how long I will pay the monthly fees for the gym membership, but for now I am happy to pay the money and take full advantage of all the resources they offer.


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