How physical fitness is important

The importance of physical fitness can never be overly emphasized, if you ask me, i spent a wonderful deal of our youth as an overweight individual, and the effects it had on our overall health were astounding.

It wasn’t until college that I took an active interest in getting into better shape, but the results have been remarkable, and I am not just talking about our physical appearance. Far too many people get caught up in losing pounds and getting trim to look good, but for myself and others physical fitness is all about wellness and health, then getting into shape solely to be more appealing is not a bad thing, anything that motivates you should be pursued! But what is even more appealing is as well rounded lady who knows that physical fitness has an unlimited number of advantages, but when you are in shape and exercise regularly, you will sleep better, have more energy, and find that your outlook on life has brightened… Physical fitness is no cure for clinical depression but it is well proven to be an effective mood stabilizer. As a younger and heavier lady our mood swings were notorious, but with a respected exercise regimen I’ve found a much greater sense of control over our emotions. I can channel all our feelings into our workout, or our run, or whatever exercise I choose to do that day, and it certainly helps! Not that I exercise every single day, mind you, I take 1 or 2 afternoons off per month to let our body rest and recharge for the following day.


Personal Trainer