Flooring is my focus in my profession

I was born on the floor of a horse barn.

Floors have been my focus ever since.

This is not true at all. This colorful tale grows more complex with every telling. The truth is boring. I was born in a hospital like everyone else. This is not the sort of story that helps to pitch my company to potential clients. A big story that links my birth to my profession is a marketing ploy. I love to talk about my floor cleaning business whenever possible. One of the things that separates my company from the rest is that we wash and also supply floor repair for all types of flooring. If you’ve ever attempted to remove stains from carpet, wood or grout, you understand the difficulty. We specialize in stain removal services. We also offer total floor stripping & waxing for all styles of hardwood floors & ceramic flooring. You might think there isn’t much difference between the types of floor cleaning janitorial work, but you’d be wrong! Being aware of all the little tricks of the trade and cleaning products for the different floor types is what makes my floor cleaning service the best. We remain the only company around that offers a complete floor repair and maintenance package. We try to make sure you would never call anyone else. We make sure to stay within a competitive price range and offer flexibility in scheduling.We rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations.