A retirement community

After a lengthy discussion about needing space to move, my husband said that maybe it was time to move.  We live on a ten acre farmette, in the middle of nowhere. We recently remodelled several rooms, and we added a new heating and air conditioning system, to aid our comfort.  We both recently retired, and we are ready to rest for a while. He told me that he found this retirement community, where you got to build your home. He said we could choose the type of air conditioning we wanted, and we could choose our furnace system.  This seemed fair since we had to pay the bill to have the house built, and for the land that it was on. I was a bit skeptical when he told me there was a fee to live in the community. This is my level headed and sometimes thinking too much about being taken advantage of,  husband. I remember the discussion we had when our daughter bought a home that was governed by a homeowner’s association. She had to ask permission before she even planted a tree. She also paid them thousands of dollars a year, to be able to ask their permission. I reminded him of this and he just stared at  me. I don’t think that being able to choose your own air conditioning and heating systems for a home that you are paying for, is worth paying someone to live in the home. Isn’t that why we pay taxes? I can’t wait until he gets that thought out of his and we can move on to another subject.

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