The loudest kids toy ever actually covered the sound of my A/C system dying!

My son is about three years old now.

While he’s past the “terrible twos”, he’s still a major handful – and the boy packs a punch with his little tantrums! We’ve been able to discipline him well enough to keep those outbursts to a minimum though, so now he’s mostly fine.

However, he still has his off days from time to time. We have found that a physical output really helps to keep that under control, so we got him a kid’s drum set! At first it was cute to watch him play on that thing, but man did we fail to think that through. His drum set is so loud that when he plays it, we can’t hear a thing! In fact, just the other week, the sound of him playing overpowered the sound of our air conditioning system winding down and dying on us. We had no idea it was off until our son was done playing! We also were feeling pretty hot, and I had sweat dripping down the side of my face. Once I got up to check the thermostat, I could tell something was off! I called my usual heating and air conditioning technician, who came out a day later to check out the system. Thankfully this was during the off-season when heat isn’t spiking in the area, so he was able to come over fast! When he checked out the A/C unit, he found that the motor inside the air handler had burned out – that’s why we weren’t getting any cold air. Whatever the cause, I’m just glad we got it fixed.


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