My Lights Flicker When I Use My Furnace in the Winter

You know, you can figure out a lot about how your power consumption is spread out across your appliances, and I assure you that if you do the research, you’ll find that the appliances you were thinking use the most power, particularly don’t use much at all! On the other hand, other appliances you might forget about are particularly major consumers of your power, for example, many people think that the cooling system and the heating system both use nearly the same amount of electricity. In reality, it’s a major difference! The average central a/c component uses a significant amount less of what the average electric heating system uses. It might seem odd at first, but it makes sense though, when you pay attention to how the rest of your home is affected by running particular appliances. In my house, all of the lights flicker for a moment when the electric heating system first turns on. Is that unique to my house? The only other appliance that uses that much power at once is the dryer, which I of course use less frequently, and when you see the amount of energy an electric heating system requires in an hour, it will abruptly have you trying to find other options for providing heat while in the winter. I try to use my central heating only on the nights when it’s far too freezing to get by with plugging in a portable space heater. You might think that’s a waste of a perfectly functional electric heating system, but I do not believe in wasting energy or burning up my equipment too quickly.

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