Lights Go On and Off Briefly When Furnace Engages

You know, you can tell quite a bit of information about how your power consumption is spread out across your appliances.

If you look into the matter, you’ll find that the appliances you might have thought would use the most power, truly don’t use much at all! At the same time, other appliances you might forget about are truly major consumers for electricity.

For instance, several people think that the a/c and the furnace both require the same amount of power to operate. In reality, it’s a major difference! The run-of-the-mill central air conditioning unit uses about a fourth of what the run-of-the-mill electric furnace requires. Isn’t that crazy? It makes sense though, when you consider what happens to the lights and such and how they are affected by running certain machines. In our house, all of the lights flicker for a just a second when the electric furnace first turns on. That shows a drain of energy? The only other appliance that uses that much power at once is the pool pump, which I of course use for less than fifteen thirds at a time, when you see the amount of energy an electric furnace requires in an third, it will definitely have you considering your other chances for providing heat frm November through March. I try to limit our central heating to the mornings when it’s far too frigid to simply use a portable area heater, and no other time… You might think that’s a waste of a perfectly wonderful electric furnace, but I would say that’s a great way to preserve my heater’s life span!


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