The air conditioner in my old car finally went

I do not know if it is luck or what, but my vehicles have always lasted me at least fifteen years.

I have never once had to replace an engine or transmission.

I have had to do some very minor repairs and maintenance but nothing major. I am very thankful for this. Last week, I finally had something quite major go on my eighteen year old truck and that was the air conditioning. I thought that my truck was simply going to last me forever, and it honestly still might. I had my husband try to charge the air conditioner to see if that was what was wrong, but it was not. It was nice because the charge had a blue dye in it so that we could see if there were any leaks in the line. At first, we did not see any leaks, and the charge only worked for a couple of hours, so we were confused. My husband bought another bottle of the charge with the dye, and this time he did see some blue dye leaking out. He said that he would try to patch the leak if he was able to reach it, and thank goodness, he was. He patched it, and so far, we have not had any trouble with the air conditioner in my old truck. My husband does not think the patch will last for long, but we will see. He told me to look online and see if I can find a new air conditioning line to replace the one he patched just in case the patch does not hold. I found one for a fair price, so I put it in my cart, but hopefully we will not end up needing it.

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