My Husband Patched the AC Line in My SUV Because it Was Leaking

I’m one lucky girl, because every car I’ve owned has lasted way past it’s expected lifespan.

I’ve never once had to replace the transmission or an engine.

I have dealt with some unquestionably minor repairs plus maintenance, but nothing huge. I’m unquestionably thankful for this. Last week however, I finally had something huge go wrong on my eighteen year old SUV, which was the a/c. I thought that my SUV would simply last until I died, and it very well could. I had my spouse try to replace the cooling system for me, because I wanted to be sure that was the problem. This was nice because the charge had a red dye that would be noticeable if there were any leaks in the cooling line! At first, neither of us saw any leaks, and the charge only worked for a little bit. We were both confused, so my husband obtained another bottle of the red dye charge, and this time he noticed some red dye leaking out. He said that promised me he’d try to patch the leak as best as he could, and thank goodness he could. He patched it for me, so I haven’t experienced anymore trouble with the cooling system in my SUV. My husband told me the patch won’t last for long, so we’d need to do some research and find a modern a/c line to replace the one in my SUV that he patched. If the patch didn’t hold, we’d need to replace it quickly. He found one for an even-handed price online, so he put it in the cart for another day. Hopefully both of us will not end up needing it.

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