The Cooling Line in My Car Was Leaking and Needed Fixed

I’m not sure if it’s luck or what, but all the vehicles I’ve driven have never given me any serious issues.

Not once have I had to replace an engine or transmission.

There’s been some minor repair work done, but nothing serious. I’m super thankful for this. Last week though, I finally had something quite serious go wrong with my old car. At first, I thought it was the air conditioner. I thought that the car was simply going to last me a lifetime, and it sincerely might. I had my dad try to change the cooling system fluid to see if that was the issue. It was simple, because the charge was a red dye that displayed any obvious leaks in the line. The first time we did it, we couldn’t find any leaks. The charge only performed for a couple of minutes, so my dad and I were confused. He obtained another bottle of the red charge with the dye, and this time he saw the red dye leaking out. He said that he would patch the leak as best as he could, and thank goodness he did it with ease. He patched it up, and I haven’t had any problems with the cooling system in my car since then. My dad said he doesn’t expect the patch to last long, so I’d need to find a backup option. He recommended looking online to see if I could find a brand new air conditioning line to replace the one he patched up. I found one for a nice price, so I placed it in the cart, but hopefully I won’t have to use it for awhile.

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