Clean smells

The weather looked like it had finally broken and we planned on having dinner with friends.  It seems that everyone is hibernating all winter long and we couldn’t wait to see them again. It looked like we were going to get a few sunny days and my husband decided to break out the grill.  He cleaned it all up, replaced a burner, and had everything ready to go. Up until the day before, we did have sunny weather and then it turned back to winter overnight. I was really not happy when I woke up to a coating of white. Not only did it completely change our dinner plans, it meant that we needed to turn the heat back up again.  Our HVAC system had been running non-stop for six months straight and we were sick of paying to heat the house. I just wanted to turn everything off and open my windows. Having fresh air in the place would go a long way towards improving my mood too. We spend so much time cooped up with the HVAC system running that it is easy to forget what the clean air smells like. The filters take out most of the harmful dust, pollen and allergens along with any odors, but it just isn’t the same. I only hope that we get at least a few months of mild weather before we are forced back inside with the air conditioning running.  When you live in an area like we do, extreme weather conditions are common and mild ones are few and far between. I just never get used to the unexpected ones.

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