We Might Have To Replace Our Gas Furnace

My hubby as well as I were blessed with an amazing deal on a new home twenty-seven years ago.

This home was perfect for us during that stage of life, with numerous children and pets since then, and the place was great for raising a family.

Now, the home is just too big for my husband and I with our children all grown up. Our home seems too empty and big with just the two of us living here. My hubby as well as I have talked about moving, but we still like having this size home whenever our children and grandchildren come over. Another problem, is that our current gas furnace isn’t heating up properly. My husband and I bought the highest quality gas furnace that we found whenever we first moved in, and we’ve never had any real concerns with it even though it’s twenty-seven years old. It’s not that the gas furnace doesn’t work, but rather it doesn’t always work efficiently. Sometimes, it is cool in the house, so the gas furnace obviously isn’t heating properly. All we have to do is reset it, which regulates it for some time. After resetting it, it works for a few days. My hubby has been researching new gas furnaces with a HVAC professional, but it’s a lot more expensive than we were expecting. We’re hoping a full replacement will be our last resort. My hubby is going to attempt cleaning the entire gas furnace to see if that will help. I’m hoping it will eliminate the issue altogether.


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